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WSQ Higher Certificate in Environmental Cleaning


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CLG-SS-201C-1 Schedule And Supervise Cleaning Services (core)

This unit addresses the competencies required to plan cleaning activities, supervise cleaning activities and handle contingencies during cleaning activities.

CLG-SS-202C-1 Provide On-The-Job Training (core)

This unit addresses the competencies required to prepare and provide on-the-job training according to organisational requirements, review performance of learners, obtain feedback from learners and conduct debrief for the on-the-job training session.

CLG-SS-201E-1 Implement Work Plans And Monitor Performance (elective)

This unit addresses the competencies required to interpret and implement work plans, monitor implementation of work plans, monitor team performance and provide feedback

CLG-SS-101C-1 Provide Quality Services (core)

This unit addresses the competencies required to provide quality service in displaying good personal grooming, proper hygience standards, positive image, maintaining good interpersonal relationship and proper communication with clients.

ES-JS-101G-1 Comply With Workplace Safety And Health Policies And Procedures (core)

This unit addresses the competencies required to comply with workplace safety and health policies and procedures in the cleaning industry.


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