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The Center offers a broad base of competency-based training and consultancy services, reaching out to government and industry bodies and agencies, organisations and individuals.

These services address the requirements of the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) and other competency-based requirements.


Consultancy services that address industry needs include:

  • Developing industry competency maps
  • Developing industry competency standards
  • Developing industry standard curricula including assessment plans


Consultancy services that address organisational needs include needs to meet the WSQ Framework as well as other competency-based requirements:

  • Developing organisational competency profiles
  • Developing competency standards to meet organisational needs
  • Developing learning and development programmes
  • Developing assessment plans
  • Providing independent assessment services, including mystery shopping programmes
  • Setting up competency-based training and assessment centers
  • Preparing organisational systems to support the implementation of WSQ Framework
  • Converting non-competency-based training programs to competency-based training program
  • Aligning organisational training programs with WSQ standards
  • Leading and facilitating validation sessions for organisations to provide continuous improvement to their training and assessment programs and build trainer and assessor capabilities
  • Developing competency-based human resource management systems


Training and consultancy services that address trainers’ needs include developing/coaching and auditing trainers in conducting WSQ and non-WSQ competency-based training programs.

Training and consultancy services that address assessors’ needs include developing assessors to conduct workplace assessments for WSQ and non-WSQ programs through training/coaching.

Training and consultancy services that address program developers’ needs include developing individuals to develop WSQ and non-WSQ competency-based training programs (both classroom and OJT programs) through training/coaching.

Training and consultancy services that address human resource professionals' needs include training and coaching them in developing competency-based HR Systems to build in-house capabilities.