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Daniel Wong S.K. Trainer Profile

Daniel WongDaniel has a Masters degree in Business Administration from University of Dubuque (USA) and is a Member of the Institute of Marketing, UK. He was also in the early batch that successfully completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment under the Workforce Development Agency

He has about twenty years of regional corporate experience, having held Senior Management positions primarily in Multi-national Companies and Local Large Companies which include RJR Nabisco, Black & Decker, Guinness Group and Guthrie Group covering industries which include Food & Beverage, Foodservice Equipment and Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Daniel is a versatile trainer with more than ten years of training experience, both locally and in the Asia Pacific region, in the field of learning, performance and organizational development.  He trains all levels – from managerial to operations levels - and is well-known for his results-oriented approach to training which is filled with corporate and workplace examples and case studies, customized and contextualized to the learners industry in order to catalyze dramatic improvement in human performance.

He has been a Senior Training Consultant and WDA Approved Trainer and Assessor to many organizations.

Daniel is also a Certified Service Professional Trainer-Assessor and Training Consultant to most of the clients he provides training. He constantly seeks innovative ways to help organizations create learning experiences and enhancing performance by integrating and aligning the people of an organization to its strategy within a learning environment

For managerial training, he trains in the areas of leadership, people management, cross-cultural interaction, emotional intelligence, creativity & innovation, presentation skills, selling skills and many other managerial topics

Daniel has effectively delivered training programmes to organizations from diverse industries, facilitating key knowledge transfer and delivering competency-based methodologies to support the business objectives. Clients include SHELL, Microsoft, Samsung Asia, Tyco, Singapore Power Group, Surbana International, Times Publishing Group, Frasers Centrepoint Ltd, CPG Group, ST Group of Companies,  Flextronics, Chartered Semiconductors, Hitachi Semiconductor, Sanmina SCI, ITE, OCBC, MSD, M1, E2i, SHRI, Kaplan, RHB Bank, NTUC Income,  Yusen Air & Sea, Singapore Police Force, Noel Gifts, Jean Yip and Shaw Organisation to name a few.

In the various positions of his professional career, Daniel has accumulated a wide diversity of experience :

• in local as well as multinational and regional organizations
• promoted up the corporate ladder to senior management level
• dealing with people from all levels in the organizations, both locally and in the region
• cross culturally interaction in multicultural environments
• involving sales, marketing, franchise, operations and general management

These experiences have proven to be rich resources for training assignments.

Daniel specializes in customer service, sales, marketing, strategic management, interpersonal relationships, cross cultural interaction, creativity and innovation, leadership, negotiation, emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness programmes.

He is also a courseware developer accredited with WDA to develop courses.  Accredited courses that he developed include Problem Solving & Decision Making, Personal Effectiveness, Initiative & Enterprise, Learning & Personal Development, Provide GEM Service and Interact with Guests