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Transform HR & Business Processes with SSG’s Skills Framework on TalentGuard Software

TalentGuard is a Predictive People Development Technology-Focused Company based in Austin, Texas (USA) with over 200+ clients worldwide to date. TalentGuard provides a competency and skills-based talent management enterprise software suite to engage, develop and retain employees in a predictive way. It serves clients ranging from Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized (SMEs) companies globally and can integrate with other software by API. TalentGuard software focuses on skills strength development of an organisation, drive customer satisfaction, higher productivity, deepening of knowledge and achieve higher business results.

TalentGuard partnered with CBLD to expand deeper reach and leveraged on CBLD’s expertise on competency frameworks and was appointed as authorized reseller and implementation partner for APAC market from September 2016 onwards. CBLD is a part of the national initiative along with SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) through an MOU signed on August 2018 which aims to promote and drive adoption of the Skills Frameworks digitally using TalentGuard software for enterprises in Singapore.


SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)’s Skills Framework is an integral component of the Industry Transformation Maps (ITM) developed by the Singapore government together with a group of employers, industry associations and trade unions. It aims to create a common language across industries and for training providers to facilitate skills recognition and support the design of training programs for skills and career development. The Skills Framework is also developed to build deep skills for a lean workforce, enhance business competitiveness and support employment and employability.

TalentGuard runs on a Talent based competency framework across industries which helps companies to determine proficiency in each job role by combining criteria such as an employee’s knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications, and abilities. Singapore-based enterprises may choose to adopt different industries Skills Frameworks from SSG which can be freely uploaded on TalentGuard for enterprises based in Singapore. CBLD signed an MOU with SSG on August 2018 to promote and drive adoption of the Skills Frameworks digitally using TalentGuard software for enterprises in Singapore.


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Built on a philosophy of employee career development & empowerment


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TalentGuard provides comprehensive talent management solutions. It help companies meet the challenges they face in developing and retaining their people.
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“We needed a solution to help us better manage and develop our talents. CBLD’s support was top-notch in designing, developing and customizing the skills framework as per our requirement. TalentGuard provides us with a way for our employees to see all of the available positions and have a clear picture on the different skills and qualifications in order to move into other roles within the company.” Wee Guan Construction Pte Ltd

“CBLD assisted us on creating a compelling career pathing framework, career map, competency map and job roles on TalentGuard that makes it clear to our employees how they can grow their career internally, what skills need to be developed and how long it takes a typical employee to progress from role-to-role.” Cyient



Authorized Reseller and Implementation Partner

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