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What is Structured on-the-Job training (OJT)?

OJT is a structured process guided by a set of training blueprints which is conducted at your workplace. It equips your employees with the required knowledge and skills to carry out specific tasks or roles in the organization.

OJT is not only catered to blue-collar staff or technical tasks. It can be applied to tasks performed by staff in managerial or supervisory roles, For example, conducting interviews, preparing budgets, handling customer complaints, and etc. 

Do I really need OJT?

In today’s competitive times, it is essential for all organizations to keep up with their customers' growing demands. The need to constantly introduce new and improve existing products and services is key to staying competitive in today’s business world!

However, introducing new products and services or improving existing ones alone will not result in optimal turnover. It is all so crucial that your staff are aligned to the changes of the products or services.

To achieve this, you will need to re-train and re-skill your staff to promptly manage new equipment, processes and work methods to meet customers' expectations in a short span of time. How best to do this? OJT is the answer!

CBLD Center has the following programs to help organizations set up and implement a structured On-the-Job-training (OJT) framework:

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With our expertise in OJT, CBLD is able and committed to help organizations develop their manpower to their full potential and to overcome critical challenges to achieve organizational goals and objectives for success.