Christine Kwok Trainer Profile

Christine KwokChristine Kwok has 35 years of experience in operations and supervisory management with more than 100 staff working for her.  After venturing out of the IT industry in 1999, she pursued higher continuing education in skills standards and certifications.  In 2000, Christine was appointed by SPRING Singapore (SPRING) as an Assessor and as an Industry Supervisor and Supervisor respectively in 2001 and 2002 to supervise assessments on behalf of SPRING Singapore.

During 2002 to 2004, she was engaged by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) as a consultant.  She had assisted WDA in the deployment of assessors for assessments in the cleaning and the security industries including the auditing of assessors and supervising assessors at the many assessment sites.

In April 2004, WDA had recommended Christine to the Singapore Police Welfare Co-operative Society Limited (Polwel) as a consultant to assist Polwel in setting up an Assessment Center for security skills.  Subsequently in the next three months, she was invited by Polwel to join them as the Assessment Manager.  As the Assessment Manager, Christine was responsible for managing the Polwel AAO (Approved Assessment Organization).  Ever since 2004, she has progressively been promoted to Head Operations in September 2006 and Senior Manager in May 2008.


During Christine’s tenure at Polwel AAO, the assessment center has grown from conducting three to 36 skills assessments. Over the past six years, Polwel AAO has assessed a total of 100,000 security candidates possessing school certificates and diploma certificates.  In addition to her operational duties and responsibilities at Powel AAO, Christine has worked closely with WDA and SIRD (Security Industrial Regulatory Department) to enforce new policies and regulate all security skills related assessments for the Approved Assessment Organizations.

She has also played an active role in implementing the WSQ Framework for security related skills which involved the development of training programs and assessment plans, training of course developers, trainers, and assessors.

Currently, Christine is the Senior Center mangager for CBLD (Center for Competency-Based Learning & Development).  She is one of the senior management personnel involved in setting up this training and assessment center providing agencies, organizations and individuals access to the different levels of competency-based learning and development environmental cleaning program.