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CBLD’s 7th session of Community of Practice on 19th Feb 2016

"Human Resource Future Challenges" by Ms. Elizabeth Chan


The Community of Practice(COP) was helm by Ms. Elizabeth, the CEO and Founder of Center for Competency-Based Learning & Development.

It was an evening of networking followed by an ice-breaker with the use of the coloured-brain cards to tease their thoughts.

During the Community of Practice, participants were asked to select 5 cards from the deck and describe how they felt and what was expected of the session.

Subsequently, in groups, the participants were to complete the questions and share their answers before presentation. Questions such as their greatest challenges in applying ACTA competencies were asked. The participants mentioned that the competencies understood for ACTA were not sufficient to meet the 21st Century participants. They went on to state that soft skills and internet training were necessary. As such were, skype, Instagram and twitter. These was necessary today to be seen as capable enough to train. For the question on who were their 21st Century Adult participants, one team went on to mention that they categorized them into 3 groups, (1)The Industrial age (50+), The info/Internet Age (40+) and the Multi-taskers Age(30+).

Another team mentioned that they would say (1)Progressive (2)Professionals and (3)Explorers. Basically the teams agreed on the need for incorporating technology to be able to serve the new generation to stay efficient and productive. The participants went on to include in the community of practice that it is without doubt that the majority are holding on to SMART phones and hence, we all need to be trained technologically both hardware and softwares.

A debrief was done by Ms. Elizabeth sharing her personal experiences and how it impacted her career and life. She reminded the participants by advocating that in the 21st Century of learning, there must always be continual learning to be productive. Interestingly, we have 19th century classrooms with 20th century trainers training the 21st century participants. How then can we shape the future and ourselves at the same time? Ms. Elizabeth gave a holistic outline to the participants during the Community of Practice as she provided the awareness that one should always be “ahead of the pack” in order to win the race of life.

The participants were impressed by her enthusiasm and commitment and really appreciative in attending the Community of Practice.

Ms. Jamie, a specialized OJT trainer, curriculum developer and Technology advocator provided her sharing. She shared with the participants on the use of SMART technologies. She went on to brief them on the 21st century classroom and the technologies that can be adapted to make learning interactive with the integration of SMART software,

Overall sharing during the Community of Practice, Ms. Elizabeth stated that though she knows that by sharing, she develops competitors, it is the underlining statement of making an impact in someone’s life that makes her journey as Consultant, Trainer and Coach, fruitful. She quoted that “In life, one must never give up learning and by strongly advocating to understand competencies and the clear demarcation of the use versus the non-use is important despite the organisation you are from”.